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Reasons Not to Blog

January 22nd, 2014

For years I had plenty of reasons not to add my own little patch to the web. I didn’t really know what to publish and I had doubts that my stuff might not be worth sharing.

Then there was this notion that I had spend a huge amount of time reading or hearing other peoples thoughts and opinions. The amount of time spent on shaping my own ideas and opinions was quite small.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you ever blogged?

Reasons to Blog

Even if nobody ever cares about what I'm going to say or do on this site - there are plenty of good reasons to do it anyway.

Proving Opinions

I’m a UX designer living in a nerds body. Therefore I will mainly talk about UX design and front end development.

I have a bunch of opinions and ideas on either topic. Things I want to build, things I want to learn or things I just want to share. Writing about and building those things will – most likely – help me grow more informed opinions.

Having opinions is easy. Proving them is the difficult part.

Understanding Content Creation

It has been very rare that I was in charge of the whole content creation process in client projects. Most of the time I would just do the conceptual UX part and/or the front end part. My team would work on the copy text and the design – sometimes even remotely.

Result: quite a lot of people working on one piece of content. That can work out really well – except when it doesn’t.

Often times it’s hard to tell why something does not turn out as great as it was imagined in the first place. Being responsible for every aspect mentioned above will hopefully improve my understanding of the whole content creation process and how to deal with its parts, when things get stuck.

Creating Sticky Content

I’ve always admired people like Jason Santa Maria or Trent Walton for hand crafting some of their blog posts to give them a unique touch.

Kind of the next level are sites like Virtual Water, stories by teehan+lax or the totally immersive and mind blowing Killing Kennedy site. Those sites do not pull off shiny eye candy for no reason. Instead they carefully craft interactive components that emphasize their core meanings. I think that's how great content should look like.

Of course there is a fine line between just right and over designing. But I’m curious to figure out where this line might be at.

Having a Playground

How often did I have to go the easier way instead of the awesome way in client work (often for good reason, but anyway). This site is my playground where it’s up to me how much time and effort will go into any part of it and how hard I will break it.

Boy, that feels good.

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