A Bunch of Ways to Double Velocity

January 6th, 2019

I have attended two Scrum trainings with Jeff Sutherland aka. Mr. Scrum. And each time he came up with the "11 ways to double velocity" part. And I was like: how could that ever happen to be true?

But the more types of projects I see, the more I start to think that there is truth to that equation — in some contexts. Which is why I would say: in case you have a huge project going on, with a lot of external, unaligned dependencies working on a confusing backlog and you struggle on a daily basis, burning budget without a lot of output (not to mention outcome) and you ask yourself "are we doing this right?" — then I think you have a decent chance to double your velocity with each of the following items.

Otherwise you might just use the following list as a little inspiration for your next iteration. Try to improve on one item at a time and see what happens.

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